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Accomplishments Under Property Appraiser Rick Singh, CFA

  • Revitalized the Homestead Exemption fraud investigation department, hiring qualified investigators who streamlined operations and returned more than $750 million* to the tax base.
  • Operated 10% under budget on average, saving $3.4 million annually* in taxpayer funds.
  • Implemented a hybrid vehicle lease program that will save taxpayers an estimated $1.2 million* over 10 years while improving both employee and constituent safety.
  • Ranked 1st in Florida in terms of both the assessed property value per employee and per budgeted dollar.
  • Created an internal system of checks and balances that upholds the integrity of appraisals and provides greater accountability at all levels.
  • *Figures reported are directly from the Florida Department of Revenue and rounded

  • Created an array of ways to provide feedback, including door-hangers, online forms, fleet vehicles, written surveys, electronic surveys, direct mail and social media.
  • Consistently reported an average wait time of only 2.5 minutes in our lobby and only 30 seconds on the phone, with a 99.8% customer satisfaction rating.
  • Implemented an outreach program that uses presentations, educational workshops, and signature events with the goal of reaching every constituent in the county.
  • Actively engage residents on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr and our monthly Rick Singh Report.
  • Operated satellite offices around the county to help people with their TRIM notices and Homestead applications.
  • *Figures reported are directly from the Florida Department of Revenue and rounded

  • Built a team of expert appraisers (MAI, SRA, CCIM, Special Magistrates, State-certified residential/general appraisers) that has produced one of the highest state rankings of equity, fairness and accuracy among our peers.
  • Strategically allocated team members to match their areas of expertise, such as offices, industrial locations and "big box" retail sites, to create a more streamlined appraisal process.
  • Improved data accuracy through boots-on-the-ground assessments.
  • Successfully defended 99.5% of our valuations against unlicensed third-party representatives who profit from reduced values.
  • Consistently appraised more commercial property than any other county in Florida, a total of $51.5 billion in value*, which is greater than the total tax roll of 54 of the state’s 67 counties(as a percentage of the total tax roll).
  • Created a culture of continuous learning and development by promoting industry-recognized educational opportunities to our team.
  • *Figures reported are directly from the Florida Department of Revenue and rounded

  • Replacing a 15-year-old appraisal system with new, best-of-breed valuation software.
  • Started a paperless initiative that has reduced our use by approximately 100,000 sheets, saving an estimated $10,000 per year while reducing our environmental impact.
  • Enhanced our popular website, which currently has 8.5 million visits annually, with detailed market analyses, pro-forma reports, multi-language translation and cartographic features.
  • Compiled the latest and highest-resolution aerial imagery of Orange County available not just for our appraisers, but for everyone to access and explore on our website.
  • *Figures reported are directly from the Florida Department of Revenue and rounded