Exemption Filing Online

Homestead and Additional Exemptions

Welcome to the online homestead exemption application. Our online exemption application login process has changed as of February 1, 2021. If you currently are in possession of a username and password, you will no longer need it to start your online application. Please see below for the new login process involving Parcel ID number and email address.

The login to file online will be your Parcel Identification Number (PID) and your email address. If you don’t have your PID, please use our search feature to locate it.

Before continuing to the application, please have the following documentation ready.

  • Each applicant must provide a Social Security Number. In addition, two of the following proofs of residency, one of which must include a Florida Driver's License, or for non-drivers, a Florida Identification Card.
    • Vehicle registration
    • Voter registration
    • Declaration of Domicile   (if you do not have a second form of ID. Must be recorded at the Comptroller's Office prior to submission)
  • For each non-citizen applicant, a permanent resident card (green card) must be provided.
  • In addition to the above, each applicant may also need to furnish the following:
    • Instrument Number, if using Declaration of Domicile as proof of residency (or optionally if recorded prior to January 1, 2016, an OR Book/Page.)
    • Applicant's Date of Birth
    • Spouse's Social Security Number (if applicable)
    • Date moved into property
    • Date moved to Florida
    • Home phone number
    • Employer Name, work phone and ext.
    • Address provided on last Federal Income Tax Return
    • Applicant's previous address
    • Address of other residential property owned by applicant
    • Address of property you had with exemption last year or three
    • If portability elected, date moved out of previous homestead address
    • Any other exemption documents as applicable (further instructions provided)
  • Purchase price of current property applying for homestead
  • Whether or not other items were included in sale
  • Condition of home at time of purchase
  • If the buyer and seller were related parties or entities
  • Notice to Confidential parcel owners. If your parcel ownership is confidential on our web site, per Florida Statute 119.071 (4)(d)1-6, you will be unable to complete an exemption application on-line. To protect your confidentiality, please file by mail or call (407) 836-5044.

DISCLAIMER - By submitting this application you will be attesting that the information contained thereon is true and you intend to apply for homestead exemption on this property. You understand by proceeding with this application that your information can and will be verified electronically with other state and federal agencies.

Important Dates

    Commercial Real Estate

    Income & Expense Survey Deadline
    Income & Expense Surveys are due on April 16, 2022

    Tangible Personal Property

    TPP Tax Return Deadline
    April 3, 2023
    TPP Request for Extension Deadline
    March 31, 2023