Note: The deadline to file a 2015 exemption application (Monday, March 2, 2015) has passed. We are now accepting 2016 exemption applications online, in-person and by mail. 2015 late-filed exemption applications must be accompanied with an explanation of extenuating circumstances. If it is your intent to file a late 2015 exemption application, please call our office at 407-836-5044 for complete instructions.

Online Exemptions

Homestead Exemption

Welcome to the online homestead exemption application. Before continuing to the application, please have the following documentation:

  • User login and password    ( don't have one? )
  • Social Security Number for each applicant
  • For each applicant, provide two of the following proofs of identification
    • Vehicle registration
    • Drivers license
    • Voter registration
    • Declaration of Domicile  (must be recorded at the Comptroller's Office prior to submission)
  • For each non-citizen applicant, a green card must be provided
  • If your parcel ownership is confidential, click here

By submitting this application you will be attesting that the information contained thereon is true and you intend to apply for homestead exemption on this property. You understand by proceeding with this application that your information can and will be verified electronically with other state and federal agencies.

Important Dates